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Arlo Rechargeable Batteries

Arlo Certified

The world's only Arlo certified compatible rechargeable CR123A battery for first Gen Arlo security Cameras. Tenergy has worked with Arlo to ensure compatibility and a seamless experience.

Save Money

Tenergy's rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 500 times. These reusable batteries eventually pay for themselves and generate energy savings for your Arlo security cameras

Save the Environment

Discover the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the planet by switching to rechargeable batteries. Reduce the carbon footprint and waste caused by batteries that often end up in landfills.

Original Top Seller

The original rechargeable Arlo batteries proven to work with first generation Arlo security cameras. Customers all over the world rely on Tenergy's rechargeable batteries and charger to keep their Arlo devices powered 24/7.


  • Best value for rechargeable batteries and charger for Arlo
  • Consumer tested and and proven reliability
  • Advanced safety protections on both the batteries and charger

New and Improved Version

Tenergy's Premium rechargeable Arlo batteries improves on the original battery design to include more capacity and better performance in extreme weather. The charger is also upgraded with and an LCD screen which provides more in depth charging information.


  • Higher capacity batteries provide a longer run time between each charge
  • New battery chemistry offers better performance in extreme outdoor temperatures
  • LCD charger provides more detailed charging status

Quick Comparison Chart

Features Arlo Gen 1 Arlo Gen 2 Premium

Arlo Certified: "Works with Arlo"

Compatible Arlo models

VMC3030/ VMK3200/ VMS53330/ 3430/ 3530

VMC3030/ VMK3200/ VMS53330/ 3430/ 3530

Battery Capacity



Advanced Protections

Overcharge protection, Over-discharge protection, Over-current protection, and Short Circuit protection

Overcharge protection, Over-discharge protection, Over-current protection, and Short Circuit protection

Fast Charge

Simple LED Charger

Full Status LCD Charger

Customer Reviews

"After the batteries that came with the cameras died, I bought the recommended batteries and they never worked. Tenergy rechargeable batteries finally got my cameras up and running. They are extremely easy to just pop out of the cameras and put them in the chargers. In a short time the batteries are fully charged and the cameras are up and running again! It was worth the price to have the reassurance of knowing that everything works like it’s supposed to."

William Kennedy

11 JAN 2020

"I Have had these batteries in my camera's for a week now and they are still showing 95% and that is while outside where it has been 10 to 20 degrees at night time .

The original batteries that came with my cameras went from 100% to 20 % overnight. So far very pleased with the rechargeable Tenergy Batteries"

Jacquelyn Anderson

27 FEB 2020

"I really don't care if I have to charge them every two months. It's worth the minimal effort it takes to swap them out.

With that said, and my limited experience thus far with this set, I would say they are a good buy and ultimately the way to go if you run surveillance cameras or other gear that requires the CR123 batteries. Your wallet and your conscience ultimately will thank you."

John Shopper

9 MAY 2020

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